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The Swiss magazin "Republik" on the "33 Books"

The Swiss magazin "Republik" on the "33 Books"

The Swiss online magazin "Republik" writes about the "33 Books":

"The idea of the "33 Books" carries a potential impact and significance that could extend far beyond Belarus. You can at least play through the idea in your head: What if such solidary, subversive and cooperative publishing literally showed despots and censors worldwide their limits? What if it made it clear to the oppressors and enemies of human rights, say in Iran, China, Afghanistan or Eritrea, that freedom of thought and artistic freedom cannot be suppressed permanently and never completely? If it made them, and much more importantly: the citizens, aware that the tyrant's repression is confined to their sphere of influence and is never absolute even there? Naive hopes? Perhaps. But the idea of the "33 Books" is bigger than the project." (Daniel Graf, published in German)

For the full text in German, klick here.