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"Soviet Belarus" under the Direction of Michasj Tscharot (non-fiction)


Hanna Sieviaryniec

About the book

This book was written as a result of many years of research and archival work, which addressed the following questions:

  1. What stages does the history of the most important Soviet Belarusian-language newspaper "Soviet Belarus" cover, from its creation to the closure and shooting of the editorial office in the course of the Stalinist repressions?
  2. What role did the writer and journalist Michasj Tscharot, who headed the newspaper as editor-in-chief, play in shaping and realising the concept of the "national-communist" development of Belarus in the early Soviet period?
  3. How is everyday life in the early Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic reflected in the newspaper?

In addition to the selected and annotated newspaper articles from the years 1925 - 1929 and a comprehensive biographical and historical contextualisation, memoirs of the staff:inside are printed in the book for the first time.

About the author

Hanna Sieviaryniec, born in 1975, is a writer and teacher, she researches Belarusian literature and is active in civil society. As a literary historian, she is a specialist for the 1920s and 1930s and thus also for the period of Stalin's repressions. She has written or edited numerous academic and journalistic articles, as well as several novels and reference books and source volumes on the subject. She was awarded the Belarusian literary prizes Hlinjany Wjales for the novel Dzen' s'wjatoha Patryka (St. Patrick's Day) and Prazrysty Eol for dating a poem by Ales' Dudar; her novel Has'cinica Bel'hija (Hotel Belgium) was also shortlisted for the Jerzy Giedroyć Prize. For her enlightened commitment, Hanna Sieviaryniec was named "People of the Year 2019" by the newspaper Nasha Niva.

As a civil society activist, she organised and organised campaigns to preserve the "Military Cemetery" in Minsk and to protect the Kurapaty memorial. She is instrumental in the preparation and implementation of the annual "Night of the Shot Poets", a memorial event for Belarusian literary figures murdered during the Stalin era. Photo: Dina Ermolenko

Production status

The book was planned in the now liquidated publishing house Limarius. The manuscript is finished.

Links and Reviews

Contribution by Hanna Sieviaryniec at Minsk. City of Translators by TOLEDO: https://www.toledo-programm.de/cities_of_translators/3749/die-belarussischen-schicksale-des-russischen-onegin