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Errors and Gaps


Aliaxey Talstou

About the book

In his book Errors and Gaps, Aliaxey Talstou deals with the big issues of the present: the connection between information technologies and human consciousness, the instrumentalisation of history by authoritarian regimes, the effects of capitalism. The book is not a political essay, however, but an adventure novel with science fiction elements, a kind of sequel to his novels Vagabonds and At Midnight on the Siolim Bridge. Here, too, he sends his protagonist into the wide world with a backpack, and here, too, escapism is doomed to failure. The book is a plea to think in global contexts and to leave the usual ways of thinking.

About the author

Aliaxey Talstou, born in 1984 in the Belarusian capital Minsk, has made a name for himself in his home country as an artist, curator of exhibitions and as an author. In his artistic works, he deals with social and political issues as well as with the challenges posed by the digitalisation of culture. Since 2009, Talstou, who now lives in Germany, has also written four novels and published texts and essays in Belarusian literary magazines. Source: https://www.dekoder.org/de/article/talstou-essay-zukunft-belarus

About the publisher

Halijafy is an independent publishing house founded in Belarus in 2007. On 16 April 2022, it had to cease its publishing activities by decision of the Belarusian Ministry of Information.

The Halijafy publishing house was able to publish books by contemporary Belarusian authors for 15 years. The publishing house's authors include writers such as Volha Hapeyeva, Alhierd Baharevich, Julia Cimafeeva and Valiantsin Akudovich (Akudovich), whose translations of their books today shape Belarusian discourse in the German-speaking world. Halijafy's publications have been awarded several non-governmental literary prizes in Belarus, two books were awarded "Book of the Year".

Production status

Finalisation of the manuscript.

Links and Reviews

Instagram account by Aliaxey Talstou: https://www.instagram.com/talstou/?hl=de

"Fog and Utopia": Essay by Aliaxey Talstou on dekoder.org (De): https://www.dekoder.org/de/article/talstou-essay-zukunft-belarus

Interview with Aliaxey Talstou (Eng): https://saliva.live/en/aliaxey-talstou (By): https://cult16.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/talstou/