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A Horse Rushes to the Festival Early in the Morning


Ales Harbul

About the book

In Belarus, the Belarusian language is increasingly being pushed out of use. At the same time, many Belarusian-speaking children have to emigrate with their parents and grow up in an environment with other languages. Under such circumstances, the importance of Belarusian-language children's literature can hardly be overestimated. This book is aimed at the youngest readers and is ideal for both reading aloud and reading to yourself. The nursery rhymes, which are easy to remember but at the same time linguistically sophisticated, provide a fun approach to Belarusian: they combine Belarusian legends with everyday situations, the animal world meets the human world, parent-child relationships are addressed as well as a wide range of emotions. A pictorial and colorful reading pleasure, not least thanks to the expressive illustrations by Darja Mandzik.

About the author

Ales Harbul was born in Lyntupy, where he still lives today as a researcher of local history, town guide and author. As a passionate collector of legends, fairy tales and legends of the multicultural region on the Lithuanian border, where many cultures and times come together: Paganism, Christianity and Judaism, Lithuanian, Jewish, Polish and Belarusian culture, he also incorporates the diverse traditions into his own work.

About the publisher

Halijafy was an independent Belarusian publishing house founded in 2007. On 16 April 2022, it had to cease its publishing activities by decision of the Belarusian Ministry of Information.

For 15 years, the Halijafy publishing house published books by contemporary Belarusian authors who belong to the independent literary and artistic scene in Belarus. Among the authors of the Halijafy publishing house are Volha Hapeyeva, Alhierd Baharevich, Julia Cimafeeva and Valiancin Akudowitsch, who have also been translated into German. Halijafy's publications have been awarded several non-governmental literary prizes in Belarus, and two of the books were chosen as "Book of the Year".

Production status

The book is ready for printing.